88 Stitches

I made a logo for one of the Knit City sponsors, 88 Stitches. They had wanted something simple, but not too cheesy, as most knitting-related logos tended to have sheep running around and needles sticking out of things. So the challenge was to get the feel of craft and knitting, without turning to the expected standbys. I think it turned out quite well!

Keep an eye out for them at this year’s Knit City! :)

The best part was when I got this card in the mail from Sue, the shop owner, after we had finished sending her business cards off to print. I actually laughed out loud when I opened the envelope. I love it!

Translink July Buzzer: I Love Transit

I was lucky enough to do an illustration for this month’s Buzzer, a monthly publication from Translink BC.

This month’s big event is “I Love Transit,” which, as explained to me, is a big fun party celebrating all that is awesome about transit.

At first I thought about having a bunch of transit vehicles do the conga line, and shaking their butts.

But later on I started thinking more about what public transit has done to bring various places and communities closer.

It sounds really cheesy, but I started comparing what it was like to travel from Vancouver to Richmond if we didn’t have the Canada Line. I remember having to take the bus from Richmond to Vancouver when I attended York House, and that was enough of an ordeal. I didn’t even want to think about taking another step back and imagining what it would be like without the bus system at all.

So came the idea of different cities and municipalities becoming one small neighbourhood or landscape, all connected by various forms of transit.

After a few iterations and revisions:

And extra revisions to make sure those kids with the fat crayons can colour it without hassle:

Featuring a few landmarks that represent different municipalities, like the airport in Richmond, Science World, the Lion’s Gate Bridge:

And the Totem Poles in Burnaby, and the Pattullo Bridge to Surrey:

I hope you guys make it to the I Love Transit party and submit your colouring!

Maureen Wotherspoon

David Wotherspoon, friend to all, told us that he wanted us to make a special book for his lovely wife on her birthday. It was to be from him and their kids.

This was a very special book project that I did with my good friend Chloe Lan. One day I will regale you with a story of how we tried to start a bookbinding business in Downtown Vancouver, one of the most expensive places to live/rent/lease/eat/walk on. But that day is not today.

Chloe and I created a hand-bound embroidered book with their family photos, with secret fold-out pages for David and his kids to write messages for Maureen.