I Was in a Room Full of Warm People and Yarn

Guys, I totally had a blast going to Knit City this year. I was unable to attend last year, but I’m so glad I was able to make it this time around.

The second Trung dropped me off and I saw that THERE WAS A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH STAND outside in the parking lot, I knew it was going to be a good day. And then I got inside and there were Girl Guide Cookies. Oh man.

Beautiful yarns and fibrework, wonderfully warm people and just the most positive ambiance. I don’t want to say “energy” because that sounds really annoying. Maybe it was because it was a knitting thing, too, but the Croatian Cultural Centre that weekend just had this awesome toasty blanket-by-the-fireplace kind of feel to it.

Actually, yeah, that was probably because it was a knitting thing.

It was so inspiring to see everyone walking around in their sweaters.

I recognized a ton from my Ravelry queue and favourites, and it was so cool to see the same patterns on different people. A garment totally changes with the smallest of nuances. Even though it comes from a single pattern, it always, always comes out differently for everyone. That’s what I love so much about knitting. You really never know how it will turn out.

You know it.
You know it.

I also was lucky enough to sign up for a class with Kate Atherley, who is adoraballs. I love that her background is in mathematics and that she is able to bring that nerdiness into her knitting.

It’s a great example of integrating all sorts of divergent things into a big ball of what you love. You find the common themes and threads and fantastic things happen.

It was tough not to blow all my cash on… everything in there. But I went with Jane and she held me down a few times, which is a good thing.

It’s important to have a good wingman/yarn-partner/hand-slapper when you go to these things.

Awesome shirt
Awesome shirt

I went home right away and organized my Ravelry queue. Now I have three projects cast on, and the only thing stopping me is that I don’t have enough needles. Holy shit.

Indigodragonfly's booth felt like a really colourful cloud you want to jump on. I held back.
Indigodragonfly’s booth felt like a really colourful cloud you want to jump on. I held back.
The Cascadia line-up
The Cascadia line-up

Fiona and Amanda had done an amazing job with Knit City. I am so excited for the next one. Next year I shall be strutting around in my own hand-made sweater.

Dudes I totally saw that poncho and the Peasy sweater on Ravelry.
Dudes I’ve totally seen that poncho and the Peasy sweater on Ravelry.

Knit Social

Knit Social is an event company created for people who love knitting. Again, great people to work with, which gave way to a simple, very uncomplicated process. We had this set up in the span of just a few weeks, with no snags. We went from a handful of static HTML pages to a full blog and events system, complete with registration and calendar integration.

The great thing was also the positive feedback from their members, where I was told they received about 20 more email sign-ups on the day of their launch.

Plus, these ladies promised to teach me how to knit those awesome chunky blankets that rich people have on their couches. Yes!

I also got the chance to create some illustrations for the different events they were offering:

You can visit the site here.