I walked on this today

More Free Agency Creative work. This is for the ongoing 2011 Vancouver Home and Design Show by Marketplace Events. The show is big—and it has sibling shows in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. FAC is the agency of record for these shows, and months before each show, the office is abuzz with literally hundreds of items of collateral for production.

I remember creating this as an Illustrator file in the midst of the madness. The image felt so tiny in my little 13-inch screen, like it was a sticker on a notebook or something. When you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the point of things. You get lost in the Pantones and the command-shift-whatevers; thick versus thin plays tricks on your perception; scaling type feels like you’re just tugging at the hem of your shirt to straighten it. And once it’s off to the printers, it’s as if you’ve thrown the bird out the window without looking back.

But it’s little things like this that put everything back into the right perspective. It’s as if a lone idea has suddenly jumped out of its little vacuum and has begun mingling with the real world. It’s currently at Waterfront Station, right before you get on the walkway for the Seabus.

Easter Craft Day at Park Royal Mall

The great thing about Park Royal Mall is that they have little initiatives and events year round. They’ve ranged from Father’s Day BBQs to Back to School Sales and what have you. These are short bursts of activity that I appreciate, as it keeps things fresh and fun.

For this event, they had folks pop over to create Easter Bunny bags as a nice family activity. It was one of my first forays back into illustration, after a long stint of photos + type workload (which was equally enjoyable). I had a wonderful time just making something light and kid-friendly.

I worked hard to make that bunny not look crazy.