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My First Knitted Sweater

After a couple of scarves and some hats and an unfinished mitten, I decided to go for it and try my hand at knitting a whole adult-sized sweater. Thanks to some great needles I got from Anna at Baaad Anna’s, I was able to finally make this guy.

Here is a link to the free pattern from Pickles.

It’s a lot boxier than I had imagined, so I added the little pocket to offset it a little bit. I also made the sleeves a bit shorter. Definitely a house-sweater rather than a go out and party sweater (unless it is a sweater party, which I have yet to be invited to). I think it can also be one of those sweaters you wear with jam pants around the house and watch action movies in.

As with most things that we make for the first time, there are small bits and bobs that very much advertise this fact. The stitches are not perfect, the sleeves are looser than Rush Limbaugh’s idea of a free woman, and the pocket is actually shaped more like the top of my foot than a regular pocket.

I had also cast-off too early at one point, and ended up with an 80s off-shoulder look, as the neckline ended up being around 36″ all around. I had momentarily thought about keeping it that way, but later changed my mind. I had worked too hard to get to that point, and balls if I was going to end up with a sweater that made me look like Jennifer Beals. I can’t pull of that look.

However, the sweater, surprisingly, did not turn out to be stupid baby-sized and actually fit me well. The raglan increases are a lovely design (if knitted well) and I do really like the Sabrina-cut neckline going on up there. It’s also fantastically warm, as it is made from this roving wool material. I haven’t a clue how wool roves, or what that means, but I have an image of spools of wool roaming a British coast, grazing and rolling around on green, green grass.

Over all, I’m really excited about this thing. Guys, knitting is so fucking awesome. It’s so relaxing and so great for the evenings and fishing trips. If I can find a way to be on a treadmill and knit without killing myself, I’d totally do it. More soon.

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